Dear customers,

to make selling your luxury handbags and accessories the most comfortable and pleasant experience we took it upon ourselves to make a big change from the 24th of April.

We will now be accepting goods into our consigment sale or for direct purchase at a different adress - in our new office space at Pařížská 11 on the 5th floor next to the Burberry store entrance.

We believe that this change will be beneficial for you and bring you not only more comfort and privacy, but also improve our services and allow us to approach you more individually in a way that we were unavaialble to provide until now because of the lack of space.

You will still have the option to visit our shop at Týnská ulička 10 if it suits you more and leave your goods there. Our colleagues will take care of them and we will contact you within 1 to 2 working days through email or phone about the comission or direct prices.

SEZNAM ZBOŽÍ např. kabelka Louis Vuitton Speedy hnědá

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