Counterfeit luxury handbags are getting into czech market
Do not get fooled!

It came to our attention that in the last couple of months rapidly increased sale of very well made replicas of luxury handbags, which are for a nonprofesional very hard to tell apart from the original handbag. 

Counterfeit Handbags could cost thousands, but the value is none. One of the biggest place to buy a replica handbag is instagram, Facebook, Second-hand shops and fake e-shops.

Unfortunately nowadays you can come across falsification of receipts, certificates of origin, gift boxes or shopping paper bags.
Unexperienced e-shops, resellers or personal shoppers are not able to guarantee 100% the origin and authenticity.

What is the difference between authentic designer bag and a replica?

The answer couldn’t be more simple - the quality of every detail. Not everybody is able to see those differences, and most of the people are not able to notice them at all.
The leather and fabric quality, precise stitching and high standards in production of these items is legitimately transferred to it's price and value. These luxurious handbags are such a high-quality, that you can wear them for many years, decades or generations.
While making replica handbags the quality is not the issue, the illusion is. The purpose is to precisely copy the original piece. And they don’t care about the quality, symmetry and consistency of stitching, technology or even child labour. While the original piece could be a great investment, replica is only lost money.
Our team in Luxury Bags with many years of expertise and experience is able to guarantee the originality of all items we offer. Every team member has to always agree explicitly with every item we accept to sell. In case of slightest doubt, even if it’s only a small manufacture defect we won’t accept the item.

SEZNAM ZBOŽÍ např. kabelka Louis Vuitton Speedy hnědá

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