Oliwye Soukupová (@oliwyesoukupova)

I have been working with Luxurybags for a long period of time now, perhaps even when they were in an office building as a small company. They made their way up on their own and I admire that. They not only have absolutely amazing items, oftentimes from limited collection which are hard to find in the world, but also great team members who I really like getting back to.

Oliwye Soukupová

Veronika Biasiol (@veronicabiasiol)

I chose cooperation with Luxurybags because they are very professional yet friendly and kind. They always help with the selection and give fashion tips for the rest og the outfit. Also as a customer I really value the guarantee of the the origin and authenticity of items I buy.

Veronika Biasiol

Eva Mchitarjan (@ejvifreedom)

I have met a lot of companies and people throughout the years since having a blog and Instagram. Luxury Bags belongs to the long-term ones and I appreciate that a lot. I like the story behind the brand, and all the people I meet in Luxury bags are real professionals. I value their diligence to always continue to get better. Also, how nice and kind they are every single time is a bonus and that is why I keep working with them for such a long time. 

Eva Mchitarjan

Jana Janata (@lovefashionjana)

Why to work with LB? Not only the most amazing and kind ladies work there, but every time I find exactly what I am looking for. When I decide to sell with them, they always offer the best price to keep me satisfied. And thanks to this concept I often have nightmares about missing an item since the pricces ale this low. 

Jana Janata

Jana Schwarz (@lovefashionjanina)

I used to shop in Luxury Bags before I became a blogger. I love fashion, sometimes maybe little bit too much. Especially handbags. With Luxury Bags is a lot to choose from but always cheaper then the original price of the item. And who would not want to have these stunning luxurious handbags for lower price? Also, I find amazing how the consignment sale works here. Bags I didn’t wear make happy someone else now.

Jana Schwarz

Karolína Šramlová (@withlovekarol)

The word luxury always meant to me a vacation or some kind of an adventures. I saw the value elsewhere and that didn’t mean I didn't like luxurious things. Actually I always wanted to have both. And when I got together with Luxury Bags I  have the opportunity to have both on my social media, and this is what I am very grateful for and happy for. I do appreciate this whole idea, the authenticity of bags but also the professional approach from the whole team.With love, Karol


Mariana Prachařová (@maripracharova)

The cooperation with Luxury Bags is so much fun for me. Not only every single person kind, but anytime I need something they help me out. I like to accessorize my outfits with their items, they always give me great advice but most importantly I find what I need every time. I am so grateful for this opportunity, to the whole team and definitely recommending! 

Mariana Prachařová

Kateřina Lambert (@blonde_blog4u)

Luxurybags is to me basically combination between work and fun. Professional approach, absolutely lovable and always ready-to-help team, plus … those handbags :)) Everyone who knows me knows that luxurious bags are my passion! You can get absolutely excellent (sometimes vintage) pieces for great price. You don’t have to be worried, because they guarantee the quality and the originality. I am so thankful that I could be the “blogging team” and you can read every month on my blog the review of one picked handbag :) BlondeBlog4u #withlove 

Kateřina Lambert

Barbora Lukášová (@baruxx_sales_lover)

Most of women have tangible dreams, we all know it’s true! Some time ago I actually thought these dreams are unachievable, but thanks to Luxury Bags it is not true anymore! I am so happy that something like them exist here. The cherry on top is this great and loyal team in Luxury Bags, and not only for the sale but because they create charity projects as well. So, thank you I am a part in this, can fulfill my dreams, help and inspire others!

Barbora Lukášová

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