Do you offer solely genuine goods ?

Yes, all goods on offer from us undergo a thorough examination so that only authentic items from luxury brands make their way to our shelves. A 100% guarantee of authenticity is a priority for us.

What condition are your goods in do you also sell new items ?

We only accept handbags and accessories in excellent or good condition for sale, without any defects or damage. We evaluate the condition of goods critically and it is stated on the price tags in our shop and in the profile for each product in our e-shop. The amount of the discount corresponds to the condition. We often have unworn goods on offer as well, which are in the same condition in which you would buy them in a designer boutique.

Are used items cleaned before sale ?

All goods are carefully cleaned before being put on sale and are offered in the best possible condition. If goods are uncleanable, the soilage is thoroughly photographed and listed in the description.

Will I receive the original packaging, receipt or certificate with the goods ?

We offer goods as consigned to us. If a dust cover, box or certificate is included, everything is photographed and included in the goods profile. If the original packaging is not included, we will place it in a dust-proof bag or other LuxuryBags covering. In some cases it is possible to purchase original packaging if we have it in stock.

Do the photographs capture the actual state of the items on offer ?

Yes, all newly received goods are painstakingly cleaned and then thoroughly photographed. The photographs thus always capture the true condition.

In what manner can I pay ?

In our shop it is possible to pay by credit card or in cash - in CZK, EUR or USD. When ordering goods from our e-shop you can pay by bank transfer, online by card or in cash by COD (COD only possible within the Czech Republic and Slovakia).

What if I don't like the goods? Can I return them somehow?

If you order goods from our e-shop, have them delivered and don't like them for any reason whatsoever, you can return them within 14 days by sending them back or bringing them into our shop in person. For goods purchased directly in our shop we do not offer returns.

Za jak dlouho mi zašlete peníze zpět, když zboží vrátím ?

Platbu vracíme na bankovní účet do 14-ti dní od odstoupení od smlouvy. Peníze můžete také využít k nákupu v našem obchodě a lze je ponechat i delší dobu na klientském účtu.

How long will it take to get my money back if I return goods ?

We will return the money to your bank account within 14 days of withdrawing from the purchase agreement. You can also use the money to make a purchase in our shop, or it is also possible to keep it long-term in your client account.

How long will it take for my handbag to be delivered ?

In the case of COD or payment by card, we expedite goods on the same or following workday. If you have selected payment by bank transfer, we wait for the transfer to arrive and then expedite the goods on the same or following workday. Delivery itself then takes 1 day for the Czech Republic, 2 days for Slovakia and 3 to 4 days for the rest of the EU.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs between CZK 80 and CZK 250 for the Czech Republic. When shipping abroad the price ranges from EUR 6 to EUR 25. You can find the shipping costs for the whole European Union here.

Can I track my parcel ?

Yes. After the goods have been sent you will receive an e-mail with the parcel number and a link to track it.

What if the handbag is damaged ? What is the warranty ?

We offer a 12-month warranty that applies to hidden defects for all goods. We always try to be accommodating in the case of other return claims as well.

What is the security tag on the goods for ?

The original LxuryBags tag indicates that you have received carefully cleaned authentic goods from us. If the goods are not suitable and you want to return them, please do not remove the tag.


How can I sell a handbag with you ?

You can bring in your handbags and accessories in person or send them by post to the address of our shop along with a filled-out form, which you can find here.

Can I send you goods by post; what does it entail?

Shortly after receiving your parcel (generally the same day) we will send you an e-mail with proposed prices for the goods. If you agree, we will put the items up for sale and once they have been successfully sold we will send the money to your account.

If you do not agree with the prices, we will return the goods to you. We will also return the goods if they are unsellable, damaged or not genuine.

If we do not accept any of the goods you have sent us for consignment, you will have to pay the costs for return shipping to our account or by COD.

I'm not sure whether my goods are genuine – is that a problem ?

We check the originality of all goods right away at our shop; after that they go through another much more detailed examination. We do not accept forgeries or goods that cannot be 100% confirmed as genuine, so we will return them within a few days of undergoing careful examination. You do not need to worry about any charges, however, we conduct this check for free.

Who determines the sale price and how ?

We have many years of experience in the sale of luxury goods and thus the price we recommend is the one for which it can realistically be sold. The sale price depends primarily on the condition, age and colour of the goods, and is also influenced by current trends and the past saleability of the given model.

What is the difference between direct purchase and consignment sale ?

Direct purchase is a faster method of sale whereby we pay we you out the money right away. With consignment you only receive the money once the goods have sold, but the amount is higher.

What items can I sell and what brands do you accept ?

We accept handbags and accessories such as scarves, belts and wallets, as well as footwear, jewellery and in exceptional cases clothing. We accept goods that are defect-free, in excellent or good condition. You can find a list of the brands that we accept here.

Which items do you purchase directly ?

The majority of things that we accept for consignment can also be purchased directly, but the amounts tend to be much lower. The best prices are given for the newest models of handbags and accessories from the brands Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Dior and Burberry.

How soon will items show up on the internet ?

Each items passes through the hands of many employees before being put up on our website. Each new item must be thoroughly checked and be confirmed as genuine, then be numbered, described in detail, measured, weighed and photographed. Sometimes the whole process takes a single day, but in exceptional cases it can take up to a week.

How quickly do goods generally sell ?

We recommend a price for which it is realistic that the goods will sell within one to two months.

My goods aren't on the internet – are they sold ?

Goods are visible on our website up until the moment someone reserves them, orders them or purchase them.

In the case of a reservation we generally hold the goods for 2-3 workdays at our shop, during which the goods will either be purchased or the reservation cancelled.

When goods are ordered over the internet the total period before money is paid out can take 17 - 20 days, primarily due to the legal time limit during which the goods can be returned.

Could someone wear my goods if they order them and then return them by the 14-day deadline ?

All goods we offer are carefully cleaned, photographed in detail and protected with a special tag that cannot be removed without damaging it. We always carefully check returned goods. Thus we guarantee that your goods are either sold quickly or returned to you in the same condition in which you entrusted them to us.

What if I change my mind about selling my goods ?

In the first 2 months it is only possible to take goods back if you pay the cancellation fee, set at the rate of our sales commission. After the first 2 months it is no problem to take your goods back for free at any time.

How will I find out that my goods have been sold ?

Once your goods have sold and the money from this sale is ready to be picked up, you will receive a text message and e-mail from us. You can pick up the money at any time; you do not need to inform us in advance (as long as the amount is not higher than CZK 100 000).

I lost the consignment contract, what can I do ?

We will pay out the money for goods sold if you present your ID card; it is not essential to bring in the consignment contract.

Can someone other than the one with whom the contract has been concluded pick up the money for goods sold ?

It is possible, but you must first send us an e-mail with the name and birth number of the authorised person, who must then present their ID card or passport to us at the shop.

Can I have the money for goods sold sent to a bank account ?

If you bring the goods in to us in person, you must also pick up the money for the sale in person. Customers that do not live in the Czech Republic or who cannot come in to our shop can have money sent to their account. The deadline for sending the payment is 30 days.

What happens if you damage or lose my item ?

It is very unlikely that something like that would happen. In any case, by signing the consignment contract we confirm that we will pay you the amount for sale of the goods listed in the contract or return the goods to you in the state in which you entrusted them to us.


After the form has been sent we will contact you the next working day. All items are mandatory.

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