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Clic HH Matte Enamel Bracelet Rouge H Mat T4

640 €
332.92 €


Size 18
Material enamel


  • Original package
  • Suitable as a gift
  • Original dustbag
  • Authenticity certificate


Honest handiwork, first-class leather, the most stringent criteria – these are the characteristics of all accessories from the Hermés label. The company was founded in Paris in 1837 and today ranks among the goods most in demand.
Hermés handbags are a symbol of elegance and luxury that is certainly not for everyone. This exclusivity is augmented by the high price and especially lack of availability. Women around the world must count on waiting as long as two years for an icon like the Birkin Bag, named after Jane Birkin, or the Kelly Bag after Grace Kelly. 

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