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Who among us doesn’t desire luxury and quality? Nowadays everyone likes to indulge and be surrounded with beautiful and valuable items. Our weaknesses, as well as our endeavor to save at least a little on these goods, often lure us away from the certainty of purchasing goods at their full price in an original store. Then we allow ourselves to be tempted by more favorable offers, most frequently via internet auction sites or foreign internet shops. Unfortunately, this often brings only disappointment and money unnecessarily spent on worthless fakes.

It’s no surprise that having such bad experiences, it is very difficult for customers to trust anyone other than original stores when making a purchase.

Our company has been operating since 2007, and we are confident that during this time we have gained your trust through our hard work. We are thorough and responsible in our work. Our main priority is to offer only original pieces and thus to distinguish ourselves from dubious vendors who attempt to deceive and earn from customers’ lack of awareness. Visit our store and see for yourselves!



Data codes are not only a protective element of original handbags, but also contain information about the origin of the goods, i.e. when or where they were produced (both are featured for example in the data codes of Louis Vuitton handbags).

A data code is not a unique code, so the same code can be found in several items of handbags or accessories. Louis Vuitton (as well as certain other brands) furnishes not only handbags but also wallets, belts, the majority of footwear and recently also jewelry.

Since we can find data codes also on forgeries, they cannot be trusted entirely. In very rare cases it is possible to encounter a fake handbag which has a data code which appears completely authentic in its form and content. Since this is possible, we recommend that you do not get confused and not focus your attention exclusively on the data code.

If the code does not correspond we know that the handbag is fake, but if it does we still cannot be 100% sure that we have an original item in our hands. When verifying originality it is necessary to focus on the handbag as a whole and inspect it thoroughly in a complex manner. For this purpose it is essential to be highly familiar with the goods, since there is no universal rule or simple trick to rely upon verifying originality.

Louis Vuitton datacode

Data codes are almost always found inside the handbag, usually well hidden in one of the pockets. In very rare cases we find data codes on the outside of the handbag, as is the case in the Noe model and a few others, in which the data code is stamped into the leather where the handbag joins the strap.

Inside the handbag the data code is usually displayed on a label sewed into the stitching of a pocket, stamped into a leather detail or directly into the material of the lining (often in handbags with Alcantara or canvas). A data code directly stamped into Alacantra or canvas is difficult to find, especially if we don’t know exactly where to look for it. Over time such a data code fades and is less visible. As a result, in used handbags it may not be legible or even possible to find.